Why ECO: Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA)

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Design Guidelines require that surfaces be firm, stable and slip resistant. EP Henry's ECO™ Line of Permeable Pavers provide a firm and stable surface for visually impaired persons and those using wheeled mobility devices.

In addition, the ADA has a joint width requirement not to exceed ½".  EP Henry's ECO Permeable Pavers meet or exceed this requirement, with ECO Cobble® and Coventry® ECO Cobble at 3/8" joint width, and ECO™ Paver at ½".

Design for the Disabled
The ADA design guidelines require that surfaces in pedestrian access routes be firm, stable and slip-resistant. In addition, surface openings in these areas should not exceed ½" (13 mm) to promote comfortable travel for disable persons using wheeled mobility devices such as wheelchairs.

When designed and constructed properly, the ECO Line meet these requirements. ECO Permeable Paver units can be colored (or painted) to indicate pedestrian access routes as well as parking stalls and lanes for vehicles. Non-permeable EP Henry pavers can be combined with our ECO Cobble and Coventry ECO Cobble Pavers to help mark pedestrian access routes for disabled persons as well as vehicular travel lanes as a means to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers.