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Read the latest news and informational articles in the permeable paver industry.

EPA Tool Helps Developers Add Green Infrastructure

The EPA has launched a National Stormwater Calculator to help property owners, developers, landscapers and urban planners make better land-use decisions to protect local waterways from pollution caused by stormwater runoff....Continue Reading

A Broader Application for Permeable Pavement

A discussion panel will explore recent studies that show the technical feasibility of full-depth permeable highway shoulders for runoff management....Continue Reading

Adapting Full-Depth Permeable Pavement for Highway Shoulders and Urban Roads for Stormwater Runoff Management

Permeable pavement—either in the road, as parking lanes, or as road shoulders—presents an efficient method of treating and infiltrating runoff at its source....Continue Reading

Congress Enacts New Transportation Law, ICPI Hails Inclusion of Permeable Pavers Provision

After developing the legislative proposal with the input of its members, ICPI worked very closely with certain key Members of Congress to develop their appreciation for the public policy benefits of pavers....Continue Reading

New Stormwater Regulations for Washington, D.C.

Property owners and businesses will be encouraged to voluntarily install stormwater BMPs...Continue Reading

EPA Funds Philly's Green Solutions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is providing up to $3 million in research grants for projects that will study the benefits of green techniques in controlling stormwater pollution in Philadelphia....Continue Reading

CWA Hits Middle Age

In the first four decades of its existence, the CWA has had a marked effect on our national water resources. But the fight is not over yet....Continue Reading