Queens Botanical Garden

  • Client
  • Queens Botanical Garden
  • Location
  • Flushing, NY
  • EP Henry ECO Pavers used
  • ECO Paver, Charcoal and Pewter Blend
  • Installation Size
  • 44,000 Sq. Ft. (Parking Lot)

Innovative and forward-thinking in its "green" approach to site improvements, The Queens Botanical Garden's Sustainable Landscapes and Buildings Project includes the addition of native plants, bioswales to collect stormwater and reduce wear-and-tear on the municipal sewer system, and water recycling systems. But perhaps the most dramatic change is the transformation of the site's existing parking lot into a 125-space parking garden, which began in September 2008.

Requiring a parking surface that would be attractive, durable and environmentally sustainable, the project designers selected EP Henry ECO permeable pavers. Their pervious surface permits infiltration of water throughout parking bays sectioned by planted bioswales designed to manage stormwater on site.

The site includes 6 ADA compliant parking spaces, 92 standard parking spaces and 19 overflow parking spaces (composed of grass grown in a gravel medium) for 117 total spaces. The Parking Garden contributes to Queens Botanical Garden's efforts to foster environmental stewardship and enhance the visitor experience.