Kuhner Funeral Home

  • Client
  • Kuhner Funeral Home
  • Location
  • York, PA
  • EP Henry ECO Pavers used
  • ECO® Paver, Natural Color
  • Installation Size
  • 6,000 Sq. Ft.

In 2003, a fire damaged the Hahn Home and a decision was made by the Home's trust to move its residents and sell the property. Al Kuhner had admired the tranquility of the historic home and thought it an ideal location to expand his business. In 2004, the property became the new location of Kuhner 
Associates Funeral Directors, Inc.

Among the changes required to transform the home for its new purpose was a 6,000 square foot parking lot - one that would both complement the existing early twentieth century architecture and comply with 21st century city zoning restrictions on impervious surfaces.

For this, Kuhner chose ECO Pavers, an environmental paving product manufactured by EP Henry. Because the natural color of the ECO Pavers resembles gray cobblestone,  it blends perfectly with the 1917 historic stone structure. Equally important, the interlocking permeable concrete pavers create a durable surface that allows water to infiltrate to the subsoil.