Why ECO: The ECO Advantage of Permeable Pavers

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EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers…

  • allow rainwater to naturally filter and return to the ground, instead of collecting pollutants and debris while flowing into sewers, local streams and waterways.
  • permit water absorption into the soil, which reduces stormwater runoff flooding and erosion.
  • lessen the impact and stress on existing local storm sewer systems through reduced peak discharges.
  • increase curb appeal as an attractive alternative for drives and entryways.
  • provide a reservoir or percolation field for surface water to re-enter ground aquifers.
  • are compatible with sub-surface rainwater harvesting technologies that recycle water for irrigation and other non-potable uses.
  • promote tree survival and growth.
  • can contribute to urban heat-island reduction through evaporation and through the use of reflective, light-colored pavers.
  • are winter-friendly…snow melt drains via paver joints, reducing slippery, icy surfaces and the need for harsh deicing chemicals.
  • can be excavated for underground utility repairs, if needed, and reinstalled with no "patch" appearance and no loss of permeability.
  • reduce the need for drainage culverts and mitigation ponds, saving open space for alternate use, as well as eliminating the expense of piping stormwater to a drainage outfall.
  • may qualify for tax credits and water bill savings.