McLean, VA

  • Client
  • Private Residence
  • Location
  • McLean, VA
  • EP Henry ECO Pavers Used
  • ECO Cobble, Pewter Blend
  • Installation Size
  • 2,700 Sq. Ft.
  • Installation Method
  • 21A and #57 gravel base, full exfiltration

Looking to alleviate chronic drainage issues, the owners of this McLean, Virginia home sought a solution that wouldn't require unsightly asphalt dams or additional underground pipes to rid their driveway of ponding water.

The answer? EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers. Contractor Nick Hannah and crew installed a new driveway surface using a combination of EP Henry permeable and conventional paver products - ECO Cobble in the flood-prone areas adjacent to the garage, complimented by Old Towne Cobble for the remainder of the installation. Completed in roughly 2 weeks, the 2,700 square foot drive solved the drainage problem, thanks to ECO Permeable Pavers' ability to allow stormwater to pass easily through to the soil below.

The asphalt dams were no longer necessary, and the additional expense of underground drainage lines was avoided. Best of all, the driveway's eye-catching new look added plenty of curb appeal to the home.