Marblehead, MA

When Barbara Goldman and her husband purchased their 138-year-old, three bedroom Victorian in 2005, they knew it was in need of a complete renovation. ''As we began working on the house, we became committed to making it as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible," said Barbara Goldman.

When it came time to select the products used for the driveway, Barbara had some specific requirements in mind. The area that needed to be covered was very large. Aside from the long entrance way, Barbara wanted a large parking pad to accommodate the Goldman's vehicles as well as those of visitors. Aesthetically, the driveway had to be pleasing, and of course, environmentally friendly.

Barbara began her search for materials online, and came upon EP Henry's ECO Paver. The ECO Paver is permeable, allowing water to infiltrate to the subsoil, which is one of its environmental benefits. The pavers also have a beautiful texture, and offered a gray color that worked well with the hues of the Goldman's house. "There is a very stately feel to the driveway, as is rises off of the street. Everyone who has come to the house loves the pavers."

After the construction and renovations were complete, it became clear that the Goldmans had done enough with their home to become LEED certified. Said Barbara, "Becoming LEED certified sets a good example and creates an awareness. To build green, or eco-friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty or quality."