Long Island, NY

Karen and her husband Roger completed a interior renovation of their recently purchased Long Island, NY home, and turned their attention to the backyard with the intent of creating an outdoor space that was both visually appealing and family-friendly. The lackluster area consisted of an awkwardly narrow and misplaced walkway that led to nowhere in particular. The couple sought to reposition the path and direct it toward a patio area that would serve as both as the backyard's focal point and the "go-to" family activity area. The challenge? To complete the makeover while protecting the sensitive root system of a picturesque century-old tree that featured prominently in the home's landscaping. In addition, the municipality had recently instituted stricter residential stormwater management ordinances that applied to new construction projects such as theirs.

Enter EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the permeable pavers were the ideal solution to the unique construction challenges the landscape presented. The pavers pervious surface would allow rainwater to infiltrate the subsoil and nourish the tree, instead of ending up as runoff draining into a local storm sewer.

While some of the couple's outdoor overhaul required the assistance of a professional contractor, Karen confided that the paver installation was the easiest part of the project. "DIY projects are great, but there's something to be said for hiring the right professional." She added, "The truth is…the simplest part was the last step of inserting the ECO Pavers, which slid into place like a puzzle. That part was fun!" She does note, however, that the most important piece - preparing the base for installation - "should be handled by experienced professionals who have the proper equipment and know-how."

Delighted by the results of the amazing transformation their backyard underwent, Karen and Roger plan to add the perfect finishing touch to their patio area with an easy-to-install EP Henry Fire Pit.