Cumberland, MD

  • Client
  • Residential Complex
  • Location
  • Cumberland, MD
  • EP Henry ECO Pavers Used
  • ECO Cobble, 6x9, Harvest Blend
  • Installation Size
  • 18,000 Sq. Ft.

Meeting the newly implemented stormwater regulations was the driving force behind the use of the permeable pavers for this residental housing complex. The architect had prepared the conceptual site layouts prior to the implementation of Maryland's Environmental Site Design (ESD). The designers, SPECS, Inc, were locked into a specific layout, having to meet a required number of residential units. The developer could not afford to lose a unit to make room for bioretention. The designers struggled to meet ESD requirements.

"Permeable pavement was always an option, but one we as designers tend to overlook," Raymond Raysem, Project Manager at Specs, Inc. "However, EP Henry's staff and the local distributor provided a comfort level with the approach and design.  We evaluated several manufacturers, but the overall quality and assistance we received from EP Henry and Eby's (the local distributor) was the deciding factor," Rayse said.