Bryn Mawr, PA

  • Client
  • Private Residence
  • Location
  • Bryn Mawr, PA
  • EP Henry ECO Pavers Used
  • ECO Paver, Harvest Blend
  • Installation Size
  • 2,850 Sq. Ft.

Hoping to gain back some much-needed space in order to add an expansion to their home, the owners of a Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, property faced several challenges that required alternative solutions to conventional paving materials - and help from EP Henry.

First, local building codes limited their ability to make additional improvements to the home, due to the stipulation that the percentage of ground surface a home and all its adjacent impervious surfaces covered could not exceed 30-40% of total property area. Second, a lengthy existing asphalt driveway was creating chronic drainage problems, made worse by a sloping grade that caused rainwater to pond in several areas. The homeowners were concerned that if a new driveway was simply re-graded in order to allow water to flow away from the house, it could potentially cause major erosion to the front yard during a heavy rain event.

Creative Pavers' Nick Nykorczuk and his associates studied the situation and presented them with the idea of installing a combination of EP Henry permeable and standard interlocking pavers to both lessen the amount of impervious surface area and enhance the aesthetics of the space - all while effectively addressing their multiple drainage concerns.

Once completed, the new driveway's overall footprint totaled 2,850 square feet in area and was comprised of 1,550 square feet of ECO Paver Harvest Blend and Dakota Blend, plus a 50/50 mix EP Henry Brickstone Paver driveway and garage apron leading up to a 1,300 square foot parking area in front of the home, constructed with ECO Paver Harvest Blend.

Said Nykorczuk, "The new parking area remained the same grade as before - so as not to cause any problems with front yard erosion - and because it was constructed with EP Henry ECO Permeable Pavers, it allowed rainwater to drain directly into the ground beneath, alleviating the puddles that were a longstanding issue." The spacious parking area was connected to the road by an attractive new EP Henry Brickstone driveway, which Nykorczuk added, "gave the house a major upgrade to its curb appeal."