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Permeable Pavement 1, Porous Pavement 0

Nashville’s local government thought it had found the best solution to reduce runoff for the heavily trafficked parking lot of its Richard H. Fulton Complex back in 2007 with a new pavement system much touted for its low impact benefits—porous asphal...Continue Reading

EPA Tool Helps Developers Add Green Infrastructure

The EPA has launched a National Stormwater Calculator to help property owners, developers, landscapers and urban planners make better land-use decisions to protect local waterways from pollution caused by stormwater runoff....Continue Reading

UDFCD position on the use of pervious concrete pavement

In June 2008 UDFCD called for a moratorium on pervious concrete pavement due to widespread surface raveling problems with this best management practice (BMP). ...Continue Reading

Anne Arundel County executive vetoes 'rain tax' fee

Anne Arundel County Executive Laura A. Neuman on Thursday vetoed that county’s version of the so-called rain tax — making it the first jurisdiction to take action against the controversial state-mandated stormwater management fee....Continue Reading

Permeable Paver Demo Video

Check out our video of NJ Congressman LoBiondo Participating in Permeable Pavement Demonstration with EP Henry and ICPI....Continue Reading

What the Permeable Pavements Provision to the THUD Appropriations Bill Means to Sustainable Development

Over the summer, the Senate Appropriations Committee agreed to include a “permeable pavement provision in the Committee Report” that would accompany the Senate’s version of the “THUD” Appropriations Bill....Continue Reading

“The” Solution to Stormwater Management

Around the country, local departments of housing and urban development continue to look for ways to control stormwater runoff. Within this process, they have to evaluate the various materials that are available for use. ...Continue Reading